Access through web browser from any place of your choice. The system works on computers and mobile devices. All you need is internet connection.


Every team member knows what to do and when. Every client is notified in accordance with your schedule.


Extensive message templates, reminders and calendars organise and reduce the workload of your team. This leaves more time for actual work.


All actions are recorded in the system. This way you can fully oversee the activity of your employees.

More than 19 unique modules
to support IP rights management

Comprehensive management of a patent law firm.


The module records activities and statuses of cases connected with domestic, EU, international and foreign trademarks as well as collisions for the monitored trademarks.

Industrial designs

The module records activities and statuses of cases connected with domestic and EU designs.



The module records activities and statuses of cases connected with domestic and international (PCT) inventions as well as European and foreign patents.

Utility models

The module facilitates recording activities and statuses of cases connected with domestic and international models.

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With your needs at heart

Every functionality has been not only carefully designed but also tested in practice. It took us a year to complete practical platform testing. As a result, you can be certain that it is user-friendly and intuitive.

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Trademark watching

We are the exclusive representative of Clarivate (former Thomson CompuMark) in Poland.
It is a global partner who has been providing the toolss to monitor the rights of the world’s major brands for decades.

countries / territories
without trademarks
clients using for 10+ years

Our team

Over a dozen people are involved in building IP DESK. Meet some of our team members.

Michał Jędrzejewski

Michał Jędrzejewski

A patent attorney and a European patent attorney since 2005. He provides consultation and advice, and recommends the best solutions for a system for patent law firms.

Marcin Setlak

Marcin Setlak

Lawyer, certified manager of IT projects since 2005. Originator and architect of the IP DESK platform. In charge of all business aspects of system operation.

Michał Niedźwiadek

Michał Niedźwiadek

Software designer managing the IT team. It is thanks to him that our ideas and concepts can materialise. He develops, improves and maintains the functioning of the application.

At this point, we would like to thank our partners – the daily users of the platform. By regularly sharing their comments with us, they contribute to the rapid development of IP DESK.

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Tasks and deadlines

Every lawyer is aware of the importance of deadlines in litigation. With that in mind, we have designed a highly-developed module to assist you in the management of your deadlines and tasks. The system reminds you about the important items on your to-do list. You can also use it for a quick case overview and to assess the stage of the case.

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Process management

Considering the complexity of many cases, we have designed and intuitive status system. You learn the stage of a case with just a glance. A highly developed system of memos, notifications, tasks and message templates expedites case, team and firm management.

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What do our clients and their partners say?

Read some of their opinions.

“I managed my law firm using Excel for 12 years. I entered all the information about the deadlines for the registered rights in worksheets. I have been using IP DESK for several months now and I can no longer imagine my daily work without it. An excellent idea and a highly intuitive tool!”
Patent Attorney
The advantage of the application is that I can use it both on computer at the firm and on my laptop when I work from home. The solution is very convenient. I always have everything at hand.”
Patent Attorney
“Our firm handles mostly copyright. Trademark registration represents a modest portion of our cases. We have decided to implement the system because it organises case management and monitors crucial deadlines for us.”
Legal Counsel
“(...) We appreciate your initiative and efforts to improve the work quality of patent attorneys in our country. We believe than new technologies are indispensable in the daily work of every specialist because an increasing number of data requires effective management.

We are ready to inform the environment of patent attorneys about your services and that we recommend IP DESK for their work.”
Paweł Kurcman
Chairman of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys
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You always know what you pay for

Licence fee = number of users + number of cases.
We provide the full version of the platform. We do not charge you for single modules.

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